SRL Pharma Logo, Branding & Powerpoint Presentations

A Professional Identity for This Pharmaceutical Industry Expert

Here’s the complete branding suite we developed for SRL Pharma, a consultancy specialising in the pharmaceutical industry. We started from scratch, designing a sharp and professional logo that sets the tone for their expert services. Alongside the logo, we created a cohesive branding package and dynamic PowerPoint presentations tailored to their needs. These materials not only reflect SRL Pharma’s industry expertise but also enhance their communications and presentations, making complex information accessible and engaging for their clients. The design is clean, authoritative, and perfectly aligned with the cutting-edge nature of their work.

SRL Pharma

Client Review

The whole process was smooth and the team was fantastic at communication. They really listened to what we needed and delivered everything on time.

The final branding and presentations have not only met but exceeded our expectations, giving our consultancy a real edge in professionalism and clarity.

Sean Lloyd




Josh Burrows Creative

Who worked on this?

Josh Burrows


Charlotte Moran


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