Little Esworthy Logo Design

Brand Identity from Heritage

Delve into the unique story behind the Little Esworthy logo in our portfolio. This personal logo project was inspired by a deeply meaningful family heritage. The icon design centers around the iconic road entrance to a farm previously owned by the client’s parents, symbolising a gateway to memories and legacy. The logo captures the essence of the farm’s entrance, transforming it into a timeless emblem for the house now known as Little Esworthy.

Little Esworthy

Client Review

We are deeply moved by the logo Josh Burrows Creative designed for Little Esworthy. A piece of our family history brought to life. The logo beautifully captures the farm’s entrance, which holds so many memories for our family. Josh and his team were incredibly thoughtful  throughout the process.

They made sure every detail was perfect. Their ability to turn our story into such a meaningful and elegant logo is truly remarkable. Huge thanks to them for creating something we will treasure forever.

Stuart Laing




Josh Burrows Creative

Who worked on this?

Josh Burrows


Charlotte Moran


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