John Lewis brochures and powerpoint presentations

Crafting Memorable Materials for a Signature Event

 For our project with John Lewis, we designed a comprehensive suite of collateral for their two-day event. Our challenge was to create engaging and cohesive materials that included a variety of brochures and presentations. Each piece was carefully tailored to enhance the event experience, providing attendees with beautifully designed handouts and visually impactful presentations that communicated John Lewis’s brand values and event themes effectively.

John Lewis

Client Review

We were incredibly pleased with the collateral Josh Burrows Creative produced for our event. The team was superb to work with—very responsive and keen to understand our needs. They delivered everything ahead of schedule and exceeded our expectations in both design quality and effectiveness.

The materials they designed were not only visually appealing but also greatly enhanced the overall experience of our attendees. Big thanks to Josh and his team for their exceptional work and dedication.

Georgia Burnard




Josh Burrows Creative

Who worked on this?

Josh Burrows


Charlotte Moran


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