Brand consistency helps a company stand out from the crowd. If your brand is not consistent, you could potentially get lost in the sea of competing companies all trying the same tired methods. When was the last time you trusted a website that didn’t have an icon?

Having a consistent style, colour palette and tone will stick your company in the public’s consciousness and lead to more business. Here’s what we would recommend for keeping your brand not only consistent but also looking good.

01. Logo. It’s a person’s first impression of your brand and what they will remember at the end of the day. We can all name brands based solely on their logos. I’m sure there’s one you are thinking of right now. It is crucial for a logo to be memorable but also compatible with many different formats.

02. Colour palette. A strong colour palette can really elevate a brand and make it more recognisable to the public eye. Colour theory is key here, choose the main colour and add complementary colours around that. Stick to a small colour palette, too many will make your branding more difficult to recognise. Also, consider what tone you want your colour pallet to give. Do you want to use a cold colour like blue or a warm colour like red? These colours can affect what people associate your brand with as colours have meaning.

03. Tone. A brand’s tone is unique to them. An easy way to think of it is to consider your brand as a person with their own personality. What would they do in certain situations? How would they interact with an audience? For example, the company cancer research has a very serious and respectful tone that matches the subject matter. A company selling party decorations would go for a completely different tone, being playful and fun to match the products they are selling.

04. Consistency. By far the most important step in maintaining a brand. A memorable brand is frequent in contacting their customers and giving them information. Posting often on social media, sending emails directly to them, running ads on TV or the internet. All of these are effective in keeping your brand fresh in people’s memory. Though of course, everything has its limit and overbranding can lead to loyal customers unsubscribing. Trust us when we say, don’t send three emails a day. No one wants to be bombarded with emails.

Overall, the perfect recipe for a successful business is memorable branding and maintaining consistency.

If you’d like us to take care of your branding, don’t hesitate to get in touch.