We have said this before but your brand is one of the most important parts of your company. Everything from how you advertise your company to how you communicate with your customers is influenced by your brand’s style. 

It is important to know your brand’s style as it ensures everything that comes out of your company fits the brand message. If you push out one message one week and then a completely different one the next, your customers are not going to trust you will eventually go elsewhere.

It can be hard to figure out what your brand’s style is when you’re just starting out. Everything is new and confusing but we have some tips to help you figure out your brand’s signature style. Ask yourself these important questions.

What are your goals and values as a company?

You need to understand why you started your company. What are you trying to achieve? What are you providing for the masses? Finding these answers will help you figure out who you’re advertising to and what sets you apart from your competitors if there are any. You want your customers to know your values and how compassionate you are for your business. 

Who’s your target market?

Who do you see as your ideal customer? It is important to research who your target market is as it is essential in creating your brand style. If your brand style isn’t appealing to your potential customers, you will find that your company will struggle to gain the recognition it deserves. Do your research on the industry you are entering and the average customer base they attract. If you’re a preexisting business with a few customers, use them as an example to build on. 

Where’s your voice?

You need to find your brands voice. Your brand needs a recognisable distinguishable voice that instantly shows the customer who you are. This means figuring out how your voice should sound and keeping it consistent as you grow. Your social media posts should give the same tone as an employee when they answer the phone. A familiar voice is more trustworthy to a customer than an unfamiliar one.

Now you have your brand identity and style, you can move forward with designing your visual branding, keeping your newly figured style in mind.