When a client comes to us requesting a website, we understand how important it can be to get it 100%. After all, this will be the place your customers goes to look over your business and make judgements, you’d want to make a good impression. However, in order to create the perfect website for your business, we need your help to understand what exactly your expectations are for your website. Here are 4 Things You Need To Know Before Designing Your Website!

What’s the purpose of your website?

It may seem obvious but we need to know what the purpose of you’re website is. If the purpose of your website is unclear, the website will become overall ineffective and lost. Make sure you sit down with your team beforehand and discuss what you want from your website and the functions you want it to perform. For example, do you want your website to function as a shop? Or do you want it simply function as a portfolio for your work?

What budget are we working with?

Of course with everything, money is involved. The website we create for you wholely depends on what you want and whether you have the budget to do it. Of course, larger websites with multiple pages is going to cost more than a single-page website and websites with more functions will cost more. Remember, a website is an investment. You will be using it for likely a few years and therefore you should consider spending the extra money to get what you truly need for your company.

What content do you want on the website?

A website would be nothing without the content involved! The content not only gives your potential audience information about your company but also shows them your brand personality. Content isn’t just the words you use, but the images and tags as well. You will need to sit down with your team yet again and decide what content you want to involve on your website and where you want to put it. Keep in mind your content should link to your brand and serve a purpose in the grand scheme of the website!

What is your branding?

If we are going to design your website, we need to know your branding! What does your current logo look like? What colour scheme does your usual branding follow? How do you represent your brand everywhere else? Knowing this allows us to design your website so it is coherent with the rest of your marketing materials/channels. Think of it like this, if your Facebook page looks different from your website, it would confuse potential customers and may deter them from choosing your company.