Are you a new company just starting out? Or maybe you’re an existing company looking for a revamp in design? Before you open up that free-to-use browser app to try and clump together a logo yourself, maybe consider investing in a designer. Here are our 4 reasons to invest in a designer for your company logo

1) We are the professionals

Our first point seems pretty obvious but it seems a lot of people ignore this fact. If your boiler broke, you’d call an expert to fix it. The same principle can be said of graphic design. We have years of experience creating logos for every type of industry with the best programs for design. We know what works. Our work will be of high quality and personalised to your business. Not only that, most online logo makers can’t export files as vectors, so when you come to create that big shopfront sign, you won’t be able to.

2) A logo is your appearance

Think of your logo as your physical appearance. Every person that comes across your business will automatically make a judgement based on that appearance. It does not matter how skilled you are as a company, if your outer appearance looks sloppy and unprofessional, people will assume your work is the same. A professional designer can create a logo that shows people you are a serious business and give off a level of professionalism that cannot be achieved with a basic template logo.

3) We will save your time and money

Time and money are the most important factors in a business. As a business, it may seem like a good idea to create your logo yourself but in reality, it may as well be the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. Experienced graphic designers can not only create a professional-looking logo in an orderly time but they also have the right equipment to do so. Logo’s need to be created in the right file format and this can’t be achieved without certain software that can get pretty pricey. Why waste your time and money on an outcome that won’t be worth the effort?

4) Consistency is key

So your logo is done, it looks perfect and you’re ready to spread it all over your companies assets and social media pages. But what about the rest of your materials? Designers understand consistency as it is the key to brand success. Using the same colour palettes, fonts and style is an important factor in the world of marketing as consistency shows the customers who you are. If you are inconsistent, your customers will not understand what message you are trying to portray. Your logo must match with your content otherwise your message becomes skewed and your company seems unprofessional. Designers are there to help you and will make sure any logo’s or materials created are consistent with the tone you are aiming for.

In the end, designers will always show their worth by time and time again providing the designs that draw your customers in. They are there to help and will make sure to provide you with the best advice when it comes to marketing, even if you have only asked for a simple logo design.